For Blog Design Services:

1.Take a look at our portfolio and see which look are you more interested in: is it a simple&clean look or a scrapbook-y look that would define you better?

2. Email us what package did you choose, as well as your full name and the email address you want the PayPal bill to be sent to. 

3.You will then be put on the waiting list and you will receive an email when you are the next person we will be working with.
Working Hours: Mo-Fr:9am-5pm; Closed: Weekends&Holidays

4.When your turn comes, you will receive a PayPal bill for the price of the design package you chose(payable in three business days upon receipt), as well as some questions about the design you would want.

5.You make the payment and reply to the questions and then we will start working on your design. Once the payment is received, the whole process takes somewhere between 7-14 days(depending on the complexity, but flexibility is the key to a successful collaboration)

6.We will follow the directions you sent in the questionnaire email, so for this reason you need to make sure you answer specifically to the questions and describe in details all your special requests, so the outcome is as true to your visions as possible. We will proceed creating an initial design according to your completed questionnaire. After that you will receive a preview of that design, so you need to make sure you check your email. Once you received the preview design, you will get one revision free of charge, meaning you can make small adjustments to the design that was sent to you in a preview(we reserve the right to determine when the adjustments are excessive).

7.  Then we will start the installation process. Before any installation takes place, you will need to back up your files and then switch your current template to Minima(if you don't know how to do that, email us and we can send you a step-by-step tutorial that can help you). In order for your new design to be installed, you will need to add Lost Between Colors as an admin on your blog(if you don't know how to do that, you will receive an email with step-by-step instructions to guide you through).

8. Since you are receiving one revision free of charge (step  6), any other revision/changes/help of any kind after that, will be charged at a rate cost of $20/hour(one hour minimum).

9. Because we treasure the art behind the designing concept so much, as long as your blog design is one created by Lost Between Colors, you are required to keep the proper credits in the visible location they were installed on your blog. 
These credits include a blog button linking to Lost Between Colors website and the copyright credits on the bottom of the blog . 

Thanks for choosing to work with us!


For Other Digital & Graphic Services:

1. Pick out the services you need: is it a banner or avatar for Etsy, is it a company logo or other a la carte choices for your blog or maybe is the business cards design you are looking for, just make sure to mention your choice. 

2. Look through our portfolio and make an idea of how you would like things to turn out like.

3. Email us what you've picked and describe the best you can the look you want for the service you chose, in terms of colors, fonts and overall feeling;  together with your full name and the email address you want the PayPal bill to be sent to.

4. You will then receive a PayPal bill (payable in three business days upon receipt) for the price of the service you chose.

5. You will pay the bill and the design process starts. You will receive a preview of the final work to which you can make small adjustments, but we reserve the right to decide when the limit of changes has been exceeded. 

6. Once the final design is completed, we will proceed to convert it in the appropriate format (png, tif, pdf., etc.) and email it back to you.


Given the fact that everything here is custom made, so time and resources are consumed, all payments are final and nonrefundable! When custom blog designs/a la carte elements are bought, by making the payment, you comply with the terms of use from Lost Between Colors. Therefore any adjusting or changing of the blog designs/a la carte elements you purchased, in whole or in part, can be done only by Lost Between Colors and nobody else! The work we put into our designs is custom work, thus the scripts/graphics/layouts/elements/etc. must remain identical at any times and nobody is allowed to switch, change, adjust or claim it as their own. The blog design in whole or in part (including but not exclusive to all the elements/cartoons/buttons/signatures/backgrounds/etc.) can not be used anywhere else than on your blog. The blog design is property of Lost Between Colors, therefore you need to consult Lost Between Colors before taking any such action. Lost Between Colors is not responsible for any widgets, gadgets or other ad-ons lost in the installation process. We are always double backup-ing before installing anything new, but we work with machines and they are, as you know, subject to errors. We advise all our customers to back up their own files. Also we reserve the right to reject any orders, including but not exclusive to nudity or explicit content material. 
If the terms of use are violated, then we reserve the right to delete the content created by Lost Between Colors. We reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time without previous notice.
If you have more questions regarding anything digital & graphic design related, feel free to contact us at:  lostbetweencolors(at)yahoo(dot)com